Alt names: El maestro de espadachin en la azotea, Oktapbang Sodeumaseuteo, شمشیرزن پشت‌بام نشین, 옥탑방 소드마스터,
Author: 최강홀거, (주)툰플러스
Artist: 김의권
Genre: Thriller Psychological Fantasy Crime Comedy Adventure Action
Demographic: Seinen
Format: Web Comic Long Strip Full Color Adaptation
Name Published date
Chapter 99 2023/07/23 Read
Chapter 98 2023/07/18 Read
Chapter 97 2023/07/18 Read
Chapter 96 2023/07/18 Read
Chapter 95 2023/07/18 Read
Chapter 94 2023/07/18 Read
Chapter 93 2023/07/16 Read
Chapter 92 2021/10/17 Read
Chapter 91 2021/10/07 Read
Chapter 90 2021/10/02 Read
Chapter 89 2021/09/23 Read
Chapter 88 2021/09/15 Read
Chapter 87 2021/09/10 Read
Chapter 86 2021/09/03 Read
Chapter 85 2021/08/29 Read
Chapter 84 2021/08/22 Read
Chapter 83 2021/08/16 Read
Chapter 82 2021/08/08 Read
Chapter 81 2021/07/29 Read
Chapter 80 2021/07/28 Read
Chapter 79 2021/07/26 Read
Chapter 78 2021/07/10 Read
Chapter 77 2021/07/02 Read
Chapter 76 2021/06/25 Read
Chapter 75 2021/06/18 Read
Chapter 74 2021/06/10 Read
Chapter 73 2021/06/03 Read
Chapter 72 2021/05/29 Read
Chapter 71 2021/05/26 Read
Chapter 70 2021/05/21 Read
Chapter 69 2021/05/19 Read
Chapter 68 2021/05/17 Read
Chapter 67 2021/05/17 Read
Chapter 66 2021/05/16 Read
Chapter 65 2021/05/15 Read
Chapter 64 2021/05/14 Read
Chapter 63 2021/05/12 Read
Chapter 62 2021/05/11 Read
Chapter 61 2021/05/11 Read
Chapter 60 2021/05/11 Read
Chapter 59 2021/03/18 Read
Chapter 58 2021/03/17 Read
Chapter 57 2021/03/16 Read
Chapter 56 2021/03/14 Read
Chapter 55 2021/02/02 Read
Chapter 54 2021/02/01 Read
Chapter 53 2021/02/01 Read
Chapter 52 2021/01/31 Read
Chapter 51 2021/01/28 Read
Chapter 50 2021/01/26 Read
Chapter 49 2021/01/05 Read
Chapter 48 2020/12/23 Read
Chapter 47 2020/12/19 Read
Chapter 46 2020/12/18 Read
Chapter 45 2020/12/12 Read
Chapter 44 2020/11/27 Read
Chapter 43 2020/11/06 Read
Chapter 42 2020/11/03 Read
Chapter 41 2020/10/25 Read
Chapter 40 2020/10/25 Read
Chapter 39 2020/10/17 Read
Chapter 38 2020/10/11 Read
Chapter 37 2020/09/28 Read
Chapter 36 2020/09/27 Read
Chapter 35 2020/09/11 Read
Chapter 34 2020/09/06 Read
Chapter 33 2020/08/30 Read
Chapter 32 2020/08/24 Read
Chapter 31 2020/08/17 Read
Chapter 30 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 29 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 28 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 27 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 26 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 25 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 24 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 23 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 22 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 21 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 20 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 19 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 18 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 17 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 16 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 15 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 14 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 13 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 12 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 11 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 10 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 9 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 8 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 7 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 6 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 5 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 4 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 3 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 2 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 1 2020/08/12 Read
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It’s a story of a kid whose been violently bullied and orphaned by kids with prominent powerful family as their backing. After years of isolation, a giant sword fell and Excalibur’d itself on the MCs place and you guessed it, he tried to pull it but had a hard time at first…but when he eventually wielded the sword, He Then started training until he bulked Up and became strong n' ready for his gory revenge etc..
Reply · Mar 14, 2023

Everything is consistent, the story, characters, drawing, etc and it makes you feel what the mc feels and it pulls at your heart strings. This is my new fav manga it's kinda feels like one punch man tbh and I love it so much. 😍😍😍
Reply · Feb 22, 2023

Though it has a slow beginning with many flaws, it begins to ramp up, and then slowly falls to it's death around halfway through.
Reply · Oct 25, 2022

It was a great read, but I wish it had a better ending. I can't believe the author stopped writing it I loved the manga. I finished the whole thing within a day that's how good it was for me.
Reply · Sep 17, 2022

Truly an amazing sight , this manhwa... the definition of EPIC... non stop action and pure satisfaction of a revenge story.
Reply · Jun 29, 2022

The story was really good. The art not that much and characters were well designed.
Reply · May 10, 2022

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE op mc stories, I love the drive for justice or revenge, I love a good anti-villain protagonist. But this story, it lacked so much substance for the potential it had.
Reply · Apr 23, 2022

All right, so it is quite okay read but the thing I hate the most about this manga is its dialogues.
Reply · Feb 19, 2022

This is my personal opinion, art style is odd but fits very well with the story. The story is ok but it lacks some backstory so you cant relate and feel the characters very much so it ends up feeling kinda bland, adding scenes of mc's parents and showing more of the backstory of the 'villains' would make me more sypathetic but as it is I find it hard to. Lastly my opinion on the Mc. It sucks. Its hard for me to think of him as a hero or have any positive opinion of him just due to the fact that he has 0 moral's, he killed inocent people and by-standers making the whole revenge plot feel too wrong and makes him feel like the villain.
Reply · Jan 14, 2022

Before I start, I wanna point out that everything I've written in this review is completely my opinion, and I ask everyone to respect that.
Reply · Jun 13, 2021

Gem.....I found a gem.... This kinda ones are ....i am waiting for... This one hell of insane revenge in modern setting (no face slap just action only xD)!!!. Just ignore the simple title and summary it's beyond that....It's a masterpiece...atlast i finally found it. those who are in it for story or people who complain that its non-realisticitic , please stay away it's not for you guys.
Reply · Mar 09, 2021

Go on and read my other reviews, you will understand that I absolutely HATE pussy MC's. This is the legit opposite of those. He is unforgiving, ruthless and badass. Maybe even a little... no, WAY too unforgiving for my tastes. Like c'mon at least try to have a normal conversation with an innocent old man. Only reason I won't give it a 10 is because I feel like the story may drag on for too long which gets boring and also he didn't torture them enough.
Reply · Jan 04, 2021

A bloody revenge story no remorse only revenge for a former NEET that discover a strange sword. The art is good, but the real quality lies in the personality of the main character and his past with a good group of antagonists. The overhelming power is not an issue here because the main character use it well. A real outlet.
Reply · Nov 10, 2020

One of the most underrated revenge stories out there. Art is the best especially how they depict the gore and violence. Mc is OP and doesnt give a shit about anyone else. He only wants revenge and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He ain't no pussy like other revenge type mc, he the badass killer.
Reply · Nov 05, 2020

Absolutely amazing, MC doesn't give a shit about the korean military or even the USA military as long as he gets his revenge,
Reply · Nov 03, 2020

in tears, I want more and when I get a cliff hanger I get hat feeling in my stomach that I used to get when my favorite anime was still making new episodes and the episode ends five stars
Reply · Nov 03, 2020

WoW! This manhua is just insane!!
Reply · Nov 03, 2020

If you're just looking for a revenge story with good art, this is a must read. The mc is purely revenge driven and a villain who kills everyone who opposes him, however he seems to be sorry that he's a nuisance for bystanders like the bus driver. Characters are really generic and the story like I mentioned before just focusses on killing the bad guys in a satisfying way. So if you look for a somewhat serious story this isn't for you since the mc seems to almost be as overpowered as saitama.
Reply · Sep 15, 2020

Im currently in chapter 29.
Reply · Aug 04, 2020

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