Alt names:
Author: Fujiazuki
Genre: Slice of Life Shoujo Romance Fantasy Adventure

Manga Description

Sei, a 20 year old office laborer, is gathered to an alternate world subsequent to completing some extra time work. In any case, the individual who had gathered her ganders at her face and said, "This isn't the Saint." Instead, the other brought woman is praised as the Saint, while Sei is disregarded. Insulted at being disposed of without the slightest hesitation, Sei leaves the imperial castle and searches for occupation, and she begins working at a research facility where she makes elixirs and beauty care products. She utilizes her sorcery to concede individuals' solicitations and gradually individuals start presuming that she is the genuine Saint… Could Sei partake in her lethargic marvelous distinctive world existence without her holy person title being discovered?!

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