Alt names: Hắc Điểu, Kara Kuş, pássaro negro, Siyah Kuş, Чёрная птица, الطائر الأسود, ブラックバード, 黑鳥戀人, 黑鸟恋人, 블랙버드,
Author: Sakurakouji Kanoko
Artist: Sakurakouji Kanoko
Genre: Romance Mystery Fantasy Drama Comedy Action
Demographic: Shoujo
Format: Award Winning
Content: Smut
Name Published date
Chapter 72 2014/09/17 Read
Chapter 71 2014/08/30 Read
Chapter 70 2014/08/30 Read
Chapter 69 2014/08/29 Read
Chapter 68 2014/08/29 Read
Chapter 67 2014/08/29 Read
Chapter 66 2014/07/26 Read
Chapter 65 2014/02/02 Read
Chapter 64 2013/11/25 Read
Chapter 63 2013/09/16 Read
Chapter 62 2013/07/15 Read
Chapter 61 2013/06/30 Read
Chapter 60 2013/04/28 Read
Chapter 59 2013/02/11 Read
Chapter 58 2012/11/25 Read
Chapter 57 2012/11/25 Read
Chapter 56 2012/10/28 Read
Chapter 55 2012/09/26 Read
Chapter 54 2012/07/30 Read
Chapter 53 2012/07/25 Read
Chapter 52 2012/06/08 Read
Chapter 51 2012/05/24 Read
Chapter 50 2012/04/11 Read
Chapter 49 2012/04/06 Read
Chapter 48 2012/04/03 Read
Chapter 47 2012/03/31 Read
Chapter 46 2012/03/30 Read
Chapter 45 2012/03/25 Read
Chapter 44 2012/03/17 Read
Chapter 43 2012/03/14 Read
Chapter 42 2012/02/06 Read
Chapter 41 2012/01/22 Read
Chapter 40 2012/01/17 Read
Chapter 39 2011/12/27 Read
Chapter 38 2011/12/14 Read
Chapter 37 2011/11/17 Read
Chapter 36 2011/11/08 Read
Chapter 35 2011/11/06 Read
Chapter 34 2011/10/31 Read
Chapter 33 2011/10/23 Read
Chapter 32 2011/10/19 Read
Chapter 31 2011/10/17 Read
Chapter 30 2011/09/16 Read
Chapter 29 2011/09/09 Read
Chapter 28 2011/05/04 Read
Chapter 27 2011/05/04 Read
Chapter 26 2011/03/06 Read
Chapter 25 2010/12/25 Read
Chapter 24 - 24 2010/11/21 Read
Chapter 23 - 23 2010/11/21 Read
Chapter 22 - 22 2010/10/11 Read
Chapter 21 - 21 2010/10/03 Read
Chapter 20 - 20 2010/06/28 Read
Chapter 19 - 19 2010/06/24 Read
Chapter 18 - 18 2010/06/17 Read
Chapter 17 - 17 2010/06/02 Read
Chapter 16 - 16 2010/05/31 Read
Chapter 15 - 15 2010/05/23 Read
Chapter 14 - 14 2010/03/11 Read
Chapter 13 - 13 2010/02/28 Read
Chapter 12 - 12 2010/02/26 Read
Chapter 11 - 11 2010/02/22 Read
Chapter 10 - 10 2010/02/02 Read
Chapter 9 - 9 2009/11/11 Read
Chapter 8 - 8 2009/11/11 Read
Chapter 7 - 7 2009/11/07 Read
Chapter 6 - 6 2009/11/07 Read
Chapter 5 - 5 2009/11/07 Read
Chapter 4 - 4 2009/11/07 Read
Chapter 3 - 3 2009/11/07 Read
Chapter 2 - 2 2009/11/07 Read
Chapter 1 - 1 2009/11/07 Read
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I haven't completed this manga; I dropped it. But that's only because it was so idiotic and cliche I couldn't carry on.
Reply · Sep 13, 2020

I don't know how to explain this but this shouko manga is different from shoujo mangas out there. It's about demon and human. It's kinda similar to kamisama kiss but different story and characters.It was really a roller coaster rider for this and what makes me emotional is about sacrificing something in order to do someting you love. It will really nakes you emo during about 70s chapters coz you will see how love is willing to take you. Will you give up and accept the fate that is given to you or will fight and change your fate in order to be with the person you love even if it's difficult path? That is what I like about this. I definitely recommend y'all to read this. I just finished reading it right now while doing this review and I already miss the characters
Reply · Sep 29, 2019

Black Bird is a twilight type of manga that is for probably 16+ since it has mature content, or 18+ really. You have your girl being forced into a world that she didn't pick all because of something she was born with. She becomes the target of almost all demons in the world who want to either eat her, drink her blood, or marry her after her 16th birthday. She then meets a childhood friend who is there to protect her and also, is not human. The story has a lot of characters and a lot of story to it. Although the story is lacking it's still very touching.
Reply · Feb 21, 2019

Black bird is your cliche young high schooler collides with the yokai world all over again. It does execute itself a bit differently though for the main character Misao has always been aware of the yokai world and when a man comes back who was once her childhood friend she discovers he's a yokai. She denies him at first but they fall in love rather quickly which is honestly a bit refreshing for a love story. Sometimes I feel as though a love stories progession takes way too long. Just confess already man. Who has time for this.
Reply · Feb 12, 2019

This manga from the art, the characters to the story are great.
Reply · Sep 10, 2018

Wow! What to say indeed! I absolutely LOVED this manga!! The characters were so cute, showing so much growth from the beginning of the story to the end! Misao was such a strong character, showing a lot of strength in wanting to follow Kyou in the "unknown" path, only believing in their love for each other and everyone around them. Kyou, the ever protective and loving tengu (with a perverted side) showed so much, so much love toward Misao that if you were her, you'd even pick him! A lot of other themes, like sacrifice, loyalty, and understanding of other people, gained major story points from me because it made the story that much stronger. The art was well drawn, with many erotic scenes and bloody scenes (not that graphic that it felt like a horror movie). I wish this could be an anime! Overall, very impressed with this manga that I waited until it was completely scanalated for, well worth the wait and well worth the read!
Reply · Jun 12, 2016

I LOVED this manga. If you're looking for a super sappy romance manga, you found it. My BF caught me reading it, and judged me. I totally enjoyed reading this, and every night when I got home from work, it was the first thing I popped up on my phone. Very addicting. The storyline throws you through many twists and turns, and it constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. The cliffhangers are a KILLER. If you like romance, and cheekiness, you'll love this.
Reply · May 07, 2016

the heroine is amazing. she alone makes the manga worth the read. even if the story sucked, which it doesnt. anyway she isnt weak and simpering like others she stands up for what she believes in and even with the baddys of the world after her she doesnt take any crap from them. the story draws you in and though the rest of the characters are what you expect the difference in the heroine makes it not the usual weak story. dark secrets and long lost loves make for a really good read.
Reply · Apr 05, 2016

Black Bird it the most amzing manga i have ever read not only is it funny and extremely romantic. But it gives you an amazing fell when your read it. I give it and 10/10 because of how the story flows and how it draws you into the story. I just wanted to keep reading it till the end. Its in my top 5 mangas that i recommend reading
Reply · Nov 21, 2014


Reply · Apr 08, 2013


Reply · Apr 10, 2012

Note: This review will contain spoilers for those who have yet to read the manga.
Reply · Dec 29, 2010

Black Bird is a smutty Manga about a girl named Misao who can see demons. A human like her is born once every 100 years and after her 16th birthday, she will be targetted for the rest of her life because she smells good(Dodgy stuff) She always liked her old next door neighbor Kyo who moves away...but guess who comes back before her 16th birthday and asks her to marry her? And guess who is some random demon crow lord who love her? AND GUESS WHO says she has to sleep with him or she wont be safe? That's right, the fonz...
Reply · Dec 09, 2010

Misao Harada is able to see "special" things others cannot. She hates this. She wants nothing to do with the demons and other magical beings that seem to be drawn to her. She is attacked by a demon wanted to eat her (yum), but is rescued by her childhood friend, Kyo (of Kyou, if you like it spelt that way...anyways). As it turns out that Misao is the "bride of prophecy", mean, that her blood can give the demon's clan who "claims" (^//^ Tehe) her great power. But most demons wish to eat her and keep the power for themselves. Now the younger is trying to stay alove, and decide things about being with Kyo.
Reply · Feb 26, 2010

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