Alt names: I'm a Runaway Girl., Kızın Kaçışı, La Hija Fugitiva, Runaway Girls, 女儿的出走, 娘の家出,
Author: SHIMURA Takako
Artist: SHIMURA Takako
Genre: Slice of Life Shounen Ai Shoujo Ai Romance Drama Comedy
Demographic: Seinen
Content: Smut
The remarried mother. After their divorce, the father who has gone to live with his boyfriend. Living surrounded by such a family, high schooler Mayuko is now at the height of her adolescence. Beginning with Mayuko's "runaway", various lives intersect; these are the runaway stories which will seep into your heart.

Musume no Iede is very much so a collection of "the life and times" of the multitude of characters we are introduced to. From the group of friends that are children of broken families calling themselves "the Divorcees", to the overweight boy who has a chubby-chaser girlfriend, to the girl who suddenly loses her place in school and the teacher who tries to help, to the gay brother whose sister discovers she's not so different, to the idol mulling over re-uniting with his estranged mother, and so on. These are all varying tales thinly connected by a thread, tangling all over to bring forth an organic, messy, cluster of characters from the mind of Shimura Takako.


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